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PE5136 Communication server unit

PE5136 communication server unit offers 4ch, 8ch and 16ch communication input available according to different practice application. It could be protocols converter of matrix, PTZ or receiver/driver, also it could be code distributor or combiner. PE5136 offers windows based software to set its port, protocol, baud rate

PE5138RM Data combiner

PE5138RM is designed for several control equipments to control 1 camera. For example, If 1 DVR is added in a matrix-camera system, and users want to use DVR to control the camera&nb

PE5138RD data distribution

The PE5138RD have 4ch, 8ch and 16ch available for application. To distribute RS485 signal, 1 output port of PE-5138RD can connect 32 speed dome cameras; To extend the communication distance for another 1200m; R

PE5140-64 Alarm Interface Unit

PE5140-64 alarm unit is an alarm input & output equipment compatible with PE50, PE50M, PE60 matrix.  It has 64 alarm inputs, 1 DC15V power output, 1 auxiliary output, 64 alarm output.  
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