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PE50S Module Video Matrix Switcher

Developing on base of PE50M& PE60 modular matrix switcher, PE50S is a full-featured modular matrix switcher system that allows users to view and control up to 256 cameras and 32 monitors on one matrix bay. Up to 255 individual user-defined ID numbers can be assigned to allow or deny access to system functions. it could in

PE60S Module video matrix switcher

PE60S is Network Modular Matrix switcher, one matrix switcher bay can have up to 512ch video input & 64ch video output, can extend to 65535ch input, Dual CPU & Dual Power supply for Plug & play and seamless switching. On basis of our PE50S & PE60 module matrix switcher and other matrix switcher in market, it h

PE60 analog video matrix

PE60 matrix switcher is with modularization structure, can assemble according to requirement, which is an integrated audio & video matrix control/switch system of big CCTV surveillance system. Single unit can control or switch up to 256ch video inputs and 32ch video outputs, extension matrix can be 8224 inputs and 512 outputs. PE6

PE50M Modular Analog Matrix Switcher

PE50M is an integrated, high defensive module matrix switcher, including image collection, switch control, fore-product control, alarm control, signal transmission, display recorder etc. PE50M with presetting 

PE50 Middle Scale Vdeo Matrix Switcher

PE50 is medium scable standard matrix switcher, can switch & control 1-64ch audio/video input and 1-16ch audio/video output, up to 16 keyboard controller, can control multiple front-end device including PTZ, light,alarm sensor,etc., and the system with function of alarm linkage, auto/manual record control, etc. Work with
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